FBA Prep Services

We’re experts in FBA packaging guidelines and will ensure your cargo is properly prepared before shipment to Amazon. Below is a list of our most common Amazon prep services. Feel free to contact us with a custom request.

** $50 minimum job order

Additional Prep Services

FNSKU Labeling
Each unit sent to Amazon must have an FNSKU label attached

$0.15 / unit

Additional Labeling
Fragile, Suffocation Warning, Made in China, Sold as Set, Custom Label

$0.15 / label

Advanced Inspection
Advanced inspection includes physically opening the product packaging and checking that the inside product matches with the product details.

$0.50 / unit

We will perform taping on your existing item packaging so the items do not fall out.

$0.25 / unit

Polybag and Seal Single Items
We will place your single item into an Amazon compliant poly bag and apply heat seal. Includes bag

$0.25 / unit

Polybag and Seal Bundle
We will place your multi item into an Amazon compliant poly bag and apply heat seal. Includes bag. The price includes 2 items. Each additional item inserted into the bag is $0.10

$0.50 / unit

Re-Packacing Items
We will place your items into a new carton/box. Box price NOT included

Starting at $0.50 / unit

Master Carton Re-boxing
Cartons exceeding the FBA guideline of 50lb weight limit or longer than 25" on any side need to be re-boxed. We will remove the items from the original carton and place them into an Amazon compliant carton. Box included

$3.50 / carton